Prayer before the Difficult Vote

It is not widely known that most votes in the Idaho Senate are unanimous, though I had a few 34-1 where I was the one. But the vote total is not what makes a vote difficult, rather the issue can be seen from both sides, or a bill can be constructed with some important action, but some undesired aspect. 

Dear God,
Let not the passion I have, nor the passion of those around me
Sway me from my decision to reflect justice.

Dear God,
Let not the narrow position I defend reduce
The broad sense of justice it defends.

Dear God,
Let me hear the positions of those who will vote
Against me, and in hearing, understand them.

Dear God,
Let my understanding of others broaden my base
To encompass all, yet leave me grounded.

Dear God,
Let me not fear the anger and approbation of the opposition,
For their approval has no weight on the scale of justice.

Dear God,
Let me welcome and cherish the difficult choice,
Unanimous, nay even majority are not the truth.

Dear God,
Let me know when I’ve done my duty to You;
Either side may win, I wish alone to be true.

21 March 2016

About ddxdx

A Family physician, former county coroner and former Idaho State Senator
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