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A Job to do

It will be ten years this summer since Vernon Baker died. His story deserves some retelling. He entered the Army before the Second World War because he needed a job. He quit as a porter on the railroad because he … Continue reading

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False Positives

The lab in the basement of the Idaho Freedom Foundation was abuzz. The tests were looking good. “When can we roll this out?” the Lab Director Ben wanted to know. “It’s ready for beta testing.” Lab Tech Jerry beamed. “Explain … Continue reading

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Defund Health Care

The chant “Defund Police” is bouncing off the walls of the buildings next to many demonstrations. They are protesting an unjust, cruel death of a nonviolent black man under the crushing knee of a white cop, while three other uniformed … Continue reading

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When Compassion Fails

 It was near the end of my three-year residency. I had gotten up after midnight to admit an elderly woman complaining of headache. The ER had given her large doses of narcotics to help her pain, and they depressed her … Continue reading

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