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Hostages, Leadership and “the Bedke Rule”

The primary function of the Idaho legislature is to set the annual budget. Our dear representatives love to wax eloquent on policy issues, and that is well within their function. But this year the Idaho voters spoke up on a … Continue reading

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The Sham of Testimony

We elect our representatives. They are our voice in making the laws that govern us. Why do they need our input except at the ballot box every two years? What purpose does this public testimony on proposed legislation serve? If … Continue reading

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Brad’s Right

While the legislature struggles with modifying Medicaid Expansion, costing more, getting less insured, Governor Brad Little on the campaign trail was beating a different drum. He was looking beyond the twisted shorts condition of legislative Republicans who fought Proposition 2; … Continue reading

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OK, Now What’s it Cost?

In a noble effort, Idaho Representative John Vander Woude is bravely standing up to the bully majority voting public and protecting his fellow aggrieved minority legislators. He has vowed to fight the will of the “uninformed” voters. “We don’t always … Continue reading

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A Small but Engaged Electorate

I watched a large North Idaho county Republican Central Committee town hall meeting last week. Now I understand Idaho politics. The hall was full, maybe a hundred citizens. It was a pleasant venue with a sound system and refreshments. The … Continue reading

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