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Vending Machine?

Sometimes when you listen to people you hear the way they think. When we have a problem to solve, how we think about it, how we frame it can determine our ability to find a solution. Many people see government … Continue reading

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Don’t Take Offense; Remember

In the middle of my career I was given a gift. The nurse I had worked with for a long time told me she would need to be leaving the office at 4PM each day to deal with family issues. … Continue reading

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Social Studies Homework

“You ready?” Blanche called back to Dennis. “C’mon, I want to get to Walmart. Bring your homework, you can do it there.” Dennis came out in his sweatshirt and ball cap. He grabbed his school backpack as he passed the … Continue reading

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When Will Healthcare Cost too Much?

Most healthy people think about their health insurance about as much as they do their retirement; not much. It’s hard to value something that you don’t use regularly. But a recent survey showed that the total cost for an employed … Continue reading

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It had been a long day for Brad and Teresa touring the noodle factories of Taiwan. He pulled off his cowboy boots in the Presidential Suite in Taipei wanting to take a break before the big dinner tonight. He clicked … Continue reading

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