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Who Does He Work For?

  If you had a really smart employee, who indeed worked hard, but refused to do the work you had assigned; what would you do? Idaho State Representative Joe Palmer serves the 20th legislative District, a densely populated area in … Continue reading

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Loyalty: Medical This Time

I really do value loyalty, despite the things I say about it both last week and this. It’s just that I think we need loyalty to values or ideals, not people or groups. I hate taxes as much as the … Continue reading

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Confronting Loyalty

It can be hard to confront a colleague with their misbehavior. I’ve done it a time or two and it sure got me to thinking about my loyalties. When I chose to act, it was out of a sense of … Continue reading

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Lost Dogs and Outrage

My daughters don’t use Facebook. They have their reasons, and I agree with most of them: waste of time, privacy, concern for the level of conversation. So, I was a bit surprised when I got a text from a daughter … Continue reading

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State of the State

  When Governor Little addresses the legislature Jan 7th with his budget address he’ll be hard pressed to beat Butch Otters charm or delivery. I hope he feels no pressure to. But Brad will have a chance to strike a … Continue reading

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