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Connecting with Constituents

It seems our Idaho Congressional delegation was ducking some heat last week. I can’t blame them; who likes being called to task? But such is the duty of the public servant. At least I thought so; but it’s tough work. That’s … Continue reading

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Packer John and Idaho Politics

I have been wondering about Idaho and how voters here are so inclined to vote by party. Maybe they are everywhere, but I’m here so I tend to think about Idaho. A recent trip to visit my daughter in Utah … Continue reading

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Legislative End Run

  Idaho voters thought it wise to place the legislative authority for administrative rule-making review into the Idaho Constitution this last November (HJR5). Now we are seeing the arrogance and hubris of the legislature in action. The recent rejection of … Continue reading

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Idaho’s Uncounted Deficits

Idaho conservatives are proud that the state runs a balanced budget and doesn’t do deficit spending like “the Feds”. But I have long maintained we do sustain deficit spending in three areas, we just don’t put these figures on the … Continue reading

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Throwing Ideas into the Abyss

  Small ideas take a lot of words; big ones need just a few. This was a small idea I stumbled upon, and the idea itself is not that important, but what happened, more so, what didn’t is the story. … Continue reading

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