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Idaho’s Unfair Religious Shield Laws

We just had a woman here in our county convicted of animal cruelty to her horses. They were found starving, dehydrated in a pen here in town. How people treat their animals is regulated in Idaho law. And all people … Continue reading

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Let’s Fix our Roads

photo KHQ local news   The Idaho legislature is tied in knots at the end of a do-nothing session. They got their budgets filled out with very small exceptions to the governor’s recommendations and want to head out of town. … Continue reading

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Abortion: Can We Please Talk about it? Please?

I’ve seen this from so many sides. I’ve been yelled at as a politician, I’ve delivered babies as a doctor, and I’ve investigated deaths of infants as county coroner. But none of this makes my perspective more valid than yours. … Continue reading

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Keep the Puppy

The ObamaCare replacement plan the House Republicans are offering gets me off the hook for paying the penalty for being uninsured, but it’s like they want to give me a puppy. There’s a bigger obligation behind this little cute furry … Continue reading

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