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Count What Matters

With the passing of Justice Ginsberg it looks like President Trump will have the fortune to appoint three Supreme Court justices in his first term. Such power might be just what his evangelical supporters hoped for when they excused his … Continue reading

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With no Republican Platform and four more years of “the Disrupter in Chief” looking likely, we better start embracing disruption. I have argued the health care industry in this country could use it. We have a huge, wasteful medical industrial … Continue reading

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Labor, Law and Order

Labor Day has become a holiday for recreation, not a celebration of organized labor. Such a transformation is appropriate, since the workers now shoot up entertainment, diversion and consumption: it’s the new “opiate of the masses”. After all, who got … Continue reading

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Religious Shield

If you haven’t kept up with this tragedy in South East Idaho, I’m sorry to have to relate this tale. You could Google it for yourself. Lori Vallow and her new husband, Chad Daybell have been arrested.  They are in … Continue reading

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