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Maybe it’s the dark and cold, or some recent book I read, but I have found myself reflecting on the aspirational phrase of one of our countries founding documents: “the pursuit of happiness”. Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence and … Continue reading

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Christmas Gifts

I don’t give gifts easily. My wife does. I’ve asked her how to do better. She says it’s simple: just pay attention to those around you, think of what they want or need, and chose something that might please them. … Continue reading

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I have always been skeptical of new medical developments. So, when I heard about this Covid immunization being rolled out so quickly based on Messenger RNA, my knee jerk reaction was a quiet wince. For some reason, the hottest new … Continue reading

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As the darkest day of the year approaches, it’s time to consider just what the Idaho legislature will be up to in their coming January congealment in Boise. If this year is anything like the last few, there will be … Continue reading

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Rationing Health Care

Earlier this month, as the curve of Covid cases climbed nationally, but specifically, here in Idaho, hospital officials warned of the possibility of rationing health care. Some hospitals have closed their ICUs and diverted patients, and had significant trouble finding … Continue reading

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