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We took a family vacation up toward the Cabinet Mountains in western Montana. This meant we got to go through the beautiful town of Libby on the Kootenai River. Libby is famous for asbestos. And asbestos gives you more than … Continue reading

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Our neighborhood has been terrorized by a motorcycle rider for the last couple months. He has a Honda crotch rocket with a modified exhaust I can hear a mile and a half off. I know you guys with the Trump … Continue reading

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Idaho’s grandstanding Attorney General, Raul Labrador, has decided he doesn’t like the process whereby the University of Idaho entered into a business deal with the University of Phoenix. He’s threatening the Idaho Board of Education with a lawsuit unless they … Continue reading

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We citizens have decided it is best to let our legislature call itself into session whenever they can get enough to sign on. So be such folly. But while our august lawmaking body does their potato field, or insurance sales … Continue reading

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