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Taxes, not Death

Taxes, not Death As the Covid cases climb around us, the ICU capacities max out, businesses struggle and many are touched by this illness, our legislative leaders have decided we must do something “structural” about property tax. At least that’s … Continue reading

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Online Signature

I don’t get a reminder from the State of Idaho that I need to renew my drivers license. I guess they expect me to be mature and responsible and figure those things out on my own. Yeah, right. Well, I … Continue reading

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Rockslide Opportunity

The rockslide south of Riggins that has closed Highway 95 for the foreseeable future has given North Idaho the chance it has been denied since statehood; independence. The odd shape of this state was no doing of our own. Back … Continue reading

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I was mostly tired in medical school, not inspired. But I remember one small part of just one of hundreds of lectures and it has stuck with me to this day. It was the mid 1980’s and Medicare had instituted … Continue reading

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Don’t Think Like a Virus

As the numbers climb in some states and bump up a bit in ours, I thought we should take some time to consider the lowly viral point of view. I’m not here to sell you on “viral rights” or equal … Continue reading

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