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First and Only Senate Prayer- 2011

Near the end of the 2011 legislative session (my first) the Pro Tem came to the Senate Minority Caucus and asked if a Democrat would like to give an opening prayer. It was a generous and welcoming offer. I looked … Continue reading

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Where’s the leverage?

  Idaho leaders are considering plans to carve up the health care market to save you money. You better be sure which side of the health and wealth teeter totter you fall on, because this could be great news for … Continue reading

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My First Bill

  I learned about politics and civility my first year in the Idaho legislature. If one doesn’t pay attention it can seem brutal. The state and the nation were facing the 2010 downturn, so budget cuts were proposed to Medicaid. … Continue reading

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Harass, Uncivil, Who Cares

My last session in the Idaho legislature leadership decided legislators needed training in “civility”. It was a required afternoon and I attended, though some skipped it. We all first met in the lunch room before being assigned to working groups. … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal

It’s hard having discussions about difficult issues, but we need to. The state legislature should be a place for our elected representatives to have these difficult but necessary conversations. Getting the discussion going is an art. Advice can be helpful; … Continue reading

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