Prayer before Town Hall Meetings

Dear God,
Let me not disparage my opponents
For their position deserves the same respect as mine.

Dear God,
Let me listen to all, those with praise or condemnation
For all voices must be heard.

Dear God,
Let me present my position with justice in my heart
And goodwill to all, so we can all feel a part of this
More perfect Union.

Dear God,
Let me not fear anger or criticism
But instead know peace as the attack comes
And the voters will decide.

Dear God,
Let me be the vessel of the people- all the people
For thy will be done, not mine, not the few,
But the many.

Dear God,
Let me know that the power of representation comes not
From the ability to demonstrate, but the willingness to accept.

Dear God,
Give me the strength and joy to share this great burden
With all those who give it to me to bear.

19 March 2016

About ddxdx

A Family physician, former county coroner and former Idaho State Senator
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