Getting Around

Any new job there’s alot of figuring out just how to do things. When to show up. Where the bathrooms are, what to wear.

The answer to the last question is jacket and tie ALWAYS. Often a suit. I had to dig ties out of the back of my closet from Residency days. They still fit. And I bought a suit. Then I found two at a consignment store, so I’m set for clothes. And I can wear a jacket and tie now and not feel like I’m sticking out like an unseeded row in a Palouse wheat field.

The Capitol has great bathrooms. I haven’t tried them all yet.

But the question I have been working on has been how to get around. I have arranged an apartment over off Warm Springs that is almost exactly a mile from the Capitol. I walked every day the first week, but it was 20 minutes each way and I’d be hot and sweaty when I came to work. I walked home in the rain last Tuesday and decided a bicycle might be a good idea. I have a car here. And a parking pass for the garage. But drive a mile and back? It seems wasteful.

I asked Jonnie, my attache, about bikes in Boise and he told me about the Boise Bicycle Project. I walked there on Wednesday afternoon after Health and Welfare Committee and made this $50 purchase.

They were pretty amused to be selling a little Schwinn to a guy in a suit and tie with an overcoat. But they were sure helpful. And friendly.

It’s a Schwinn two speed rear hub with a coaster brake. I just had to raise the seat a little and get a light. So now it’s a short 10 minute ride and my thighs are getting stronger.

I still am working on the when to show up. I was the first one in this Monday morning. And the last one here last Friday too. I figure I’ll get more efficient with my time.

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A Family physician, former county coroner and former Idaho State Senator
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9 Responses to Getting Around

  1. Cindy Barnhart says:

    Love it! Dan, you are a treasure.

  2. Fouad Bayomy says:

    I envy you on getting such a nice bike for only $50 bucks. Imagine if they knew that you were a doctor?
    Nice stories…. they keep us close to what happen in the capitol.

  3. Betty Benson says:

    Keep the humor coming!

  4. Tom Lamar says:

    Congratulations for riding a bike to work! and congratulations for finding a great place to park it! I will be in Boise on Wednesday night/Thursday. See you then!


  5. Priscilla Salant says:

    Well Senator Schmidt, this is one former Moscow resident who is mighty happy to have you here in Boise. We need a little fresh air! Lots of folks in Boise can help you w bikes and used clothes so let us know how we can help. PS this is my first ever blog comment but I just couldn’t resist.

  6. David Barber says:

    Dan — What a great writer you are! Funny and dramatic as well as informative. Keep this up and you’ll create a zone of sanity enveloping the zone of insanity that we all know as Idaho politics in action! — Dave Barber

  7. Margaret Dibble says:

    Got a helmet with that?

  8. Donna Kay Fladager says:

    Thanks for this interesting bit. And thanks for keeping us updated on what is happening in Boise. I will be at the Democratic table with our group for the Frank and Bethine Church dinner. I hope to see you there. Thanks again for keeping us informed. I hope things are getting better now.

  9. Donna Parks says:

    Like the bike! I’ll bet you look very stylish tooling around Boise in your consignment suit.

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