Guests and Breakfast Visitors

This last Martin Luther King Day the legislature didn’t take the holiday; we had committee meetings and a brief floor session. I got to introduce some guests from Moscow who came to the Capitol.  Martin Dibble was down here to shear some sheep. He was visiting his son Armen who lives here. If you are ever here in Boise please contact me and I can show you around the Capitol and introduce you to the Senate. You’ll get a round of applause from the Senators.

This state can be remote with the mountains, the panhandle and the wide open spaces. There is a tendency to see Boise as way far away. But there are many folks who come to the legislature to visit during the session, some to pitch their interests, some just to get to know the process and shrink the distance. I really like this contact. It is hard in our busy lives to stay connected.

4H Know Your Government Breakfast

These visitors from Latah County are active in 4H, a great organization for youth. The governor spoke at the breakfast.  Plus, I think I found someone to buy some wiener pigs from this summer.

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