January before the Session

My wife, Martha, came to Boise with me for the inaugural. I sat in the crisp sunshine and heard all the state-wide elected officials sworn in. I was impressed with Idaho’s “stay the course” choices. All Incumbents, some now serving for record lengths. Here we are facing drastic budget cuts and the voters wanted more of the same from their statewide officials. Indeed, I was the only Democrat to take a seat from the other party in the Legislature.

Saturday night there was a Processional for the inauguration in the remodeled Capitol. We Senators assembled in front of the Senate Chambers, then walked around to lead the members of the house down the steps to the next floor. There was a rope stretched up with lots of folks in fancy dress on the outside. Shook a lot of hands as I proceeded with my beautiful wife down to the rotunda.

The remodeled Capitol still has the traditional feel but is quite accessible to the public. And it is beautiful. I am honored to be representing my District. Tomorrow we hear the Governor’s State of the State address and we get to start talking about how to make ends meet.

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A Family physician, former county coroner and former Idaho State Senator
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  1. Cathy Mabbutt says:

    I appreciate your communication and look forward to staying informed during this legislative session. Hopefully there will be some new thinking and creativity in looking at budgets and the funding of education.

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