Lines Crossed

There have been recent calls from Idaho Republicans asking Idaho Democrats to cross over and register Republican for the May primary to “save Idaho Republicans”. It seems Idaho Republicans are afraid of being run over by Idaho Freedom Foundation Republicans.

I’m not sure what to call these two groups, since they haven’t picked names for themselves. But they do call each other names. The slur I hear most commonly addressed to mainstream Idaho Republicans from the Freedom Foundation faction is “Rhinos”. And the backatcha from the mainstream Republicans toward the IFF R’s might be “wacko” Republicans.

Usually there are no quotations marks around wacko: I just put those there for the sake of politeness. As an Idaho Democrat commenting publicly on the Idaho Republican landscape, I feel like I’m walking on thin ice. But polite behavior in politics rarely wins any votes these days. Like I said, I’m an Idaho Democrat.

Both former Supreme Court Justice Jim Jones and former BSU President Bob Kustra have publicly made the pleas to the dozen or so Idaho Democrats remaining in the state. It was quite an honor to be recognized as living humans, since most learned individuals have accepted that Idaho Democrats are an extinct species. Like Sockeye Salmon, Chinook and Steelhead, some species just have to fade away, dwindle to nothing for our state to progress as the majority see progress in this very odd state.

I am so glad this is now a subject we can openly discuss. Like our nephew’s sexuality or our own gambling addiction, it’s best to get all these perplexing positions out in the open. Code words just confuse. Honesty and openness are always the best policy.

But let’s just start with what we call ourselves. If you want the dozen or two Idaho Democrats to help you out, could you fellow Idahoans asking for our votes please identify yourselves?

In the old days, political parties organized and took a name. The Bull Moose faction was a split from Republicans to support Teddy Roosevelt. They made bull moose signs and campaign pins.

Southern Dixiecrats were racist Democrats opposing civil rights. They were Democrats only because Lincoln was a Republican. They didn’t ditch racism to make Democrats look better.

At least we had a name for who we supported, who we opposed.

It’s time for Idaho Republicans to choose a name for themselves.  The wackos and the Rhinos must be different since they hate each other so much.  Quit hiding under the big tent. I’m not sure I want in if I can’t tell who is in there and you are fighting so bitterly. What is the difference between you since you all voted for Trump?

Let me know your name! I’ll consider it. But honestly, when I register with your “normal = rhino” group (Pro Trump with a wink) , I’ll be signing up with the “wacko” group (Pro Trump with a roar) too. Or should I just ignore that? Jeez, you guys are confusing.

It would be strategic for the 10 or 11 other Idaho Democrats out there to act in unison and throw our weight all in one direction in an organized fashion. Wouldn’t that be the best way to have some influence in this unbalanced state?

But the 5 or 6 Bernie Idaho Democrats hate the 6 or 7 Biden Idaho Democrats. Believe me, I know. I get their emails.

It truly is an honor that the Idaho “Not Crazy” (I think that’s a great label by the way) Republicans want my vote. I might love to support your needs with my vote. But can we negotiate? Since you need my vote so desperately, can we talk about some other issues? Like all-day kindergarten, or funding public schools?

Oh, I’m sorry. Was that impolite? I thought we were negotiating.

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A Family physician, former county coroner and former Idaho State Senator
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