Spring in Boise

The clouds parted and the rain has stopped. Trees try to bud and crocuses spring forth. We are working long and hard to get bills through the session. We took a Friday noon break to get a picture of us all together.

Senate Democratic Caucus 2011


On the left is Les Bock District 16, Boise. He is a lawyer with a deep sense of justice. Next is me, then Edgar Malapeai from Pocatello, current minority leader and former teacher and referee.  Then Michelle Stennett from Ketchum with Elliot Werk from Boise behind. On the right is Diane Bilyeu from Pocatello and next to her Nicole Lefavour from here in Boise.

Just seven minority senators out of 35 total. We have to have a strong shared vision and work well together to have any influence at all.

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A Family physician, former county coroner and former Idaho State Senator
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  1. Austin says:

    I look forward to walking in these shoes someday. Idaho deserves to have a rich political discourse with many voices reflecting many different perspectives. Keep up the good work!

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