Santa Comes to the Capitol

Santa’s sleigh circled the dome and found a safe spot to perch. Santa stretched his legs, swung his big belly out and planted his boots in the crusty Boise snow. He patted Dunder’s and Bitzen’s flanks and circled back for his bag. The starry night showed no light in the east as he called to the team, “Take a break you all. This finishes off Idaho, then we sweep down the West Coast. You know the drill.” Knowing there was no chimney, he took the stairs.

He slipped a little on the marble floor; the bag on his back shifted and a box toppled out and over the rail. He followed it’s fall and listened for breakage. It dropped to the main floor and thudded. Santa harrumphed, “Must be those socks for Speaker Bedke,” he muttered.

He stopped outside the JFAC analysts’ offices up on the fourth floor. He knew from the book they’d all been nice, none naughty, so they were all getting new sharp pencils. He gave the one in charge of the prison budget a red one, just as his little joke.

Down the winding stairs he first dropped the big box of chocolates for the Senate staff. Then in front of the Majority office he had to place his finger by his nose and ponder. He had a couple lumps of coal to give out, and the Treasurer had suggested the Speaker and Pro Tem in her letter to Santa, but he didn’t think he should pick sides, since they had both suggested the coal (or worse) for her. So, he picked his smallest slightly wrinkled Washington apple, left it there and then strolled over to the Minority side. He left them a bright new dog leash.

His bag was half full as he swung east to the House side and he offloaded the bigger box of chocolates for their staff. On Speaker Bedke’s desk he left a note to look downstairs for his present. On the Minority side he left a small bag of peanuts, honey roasted.

The second floor was easier as the bag got lighter. The Secretary of State got boot polish, the Attorney General a new tie (black and gold). The Lieutenant Governor got a small pink purse.

By the time he got to the west Governors wing on the second floor the lumps of coal were banging together in the bottom of his bag. But his book said the governor’s staff had been very good, so they got free Boise parking passes.

Governor Little had also been good, the book said, so the lumps of coal stayed in the bag. It was against his good judgement but he left a Copenhagen can top with the Idaho seal on it for the chief executive.

Just as he was leaving the Governor’s office he heard footsteps behind him. The security guard called, “Hey!” and Santa swung around. He was holding Bedke’s crumpled package. “You drop this?” he asked.

“Why yes son, I did.” Santa reached out and took it from the young man. “Thank you,” he said and twinkled his eyes.

“You about done ‘cause I gotta lock up this wing?” the young man asked.

“Just a couple of lumps of coal to give out.” Santa sighed.

“Let me, I’m doing my rounds, just tell me where.”

Santa flipped through his book. “Well, I guess it will be for two of the Senators or Representatives down in the basement.” He said still counting all the tally marks. As he took out the coal from his bag he fumbled and they fell to the floor, breaking into many pieces.

“Oh dear.” Santa pouted his rosy lips.

“It’s OK. This way I’ll have enough for everybody.” The young security guard smiled as he collected the shards. “And don’t you worry. If I run out I know how to make more. That’s how we do things around here.”

“Merry Christmas son.” Santa smiled. “And Merry Christmas to you.”

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A Family physician, former county coroner and former Idaho State Senator
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