Two Patriots Walk Into a Bar

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Alexander Hamilton was waiting for James Madison at the crowded sports bar. He sipped his pint and barely noted the many screens showing the many games. He frowned at the ring his glass had left on the counter, lost in thought.

Madison clapped him on the shoulder. “So, is it your turn or mine, Mr. Hamilton?”

“I suppose it is me, Mr. Madison, since Jay did the last one and yours was prior.”

Madison laughed. “No, Alexander, I meant who was to pay for the ale. Since you have offered, I’ll order two.” He motioned for the ale wench.

“Well aren’t you two a little late for Halloween?” she grinned at them, appreciating the white wigs and knee breeches. “What can I getcha?”

“Two pints of your best ale, ma’am. And see if you can lift this poor man’s spirits.” He again clapped Hamilton’s shoulder.

She frowned, “What is the problem, sweetheart?”

Hamilton sighed deeply. “Alas, I must convince the New Yorkers that the Senate is the proper body to judge impeachment.”

She wiped at Hamilton’s wet ring spot and asked, “So, what have you been watching, CNN or Fox?”

“Madam, I assure you, we have no time for the hunt or fishing. We are trying to save this Constitution we have fought so hard for.” He turned to Jimmy Madison. “So, will this be the 65th?”

Madison mumbled “Thereabouts” and licked his dry lips.

“Oh, I get it!” she burst into laughter. “You guys are acting as if you’re Hamilton and Madison and you are worried over writing those Federalist Papers. What a hoot!” She bustled off for the ale.

Alex and Jimmy leaned toward each other. “How did she know we were Federalists? Don’t Republicans look the same?”

“Oh, forget it. We have work. How do you propose to convince?”

Hamilton adopted his oratorical posture. “The Senate will hold the mantle since it will be the most august body of learned men, sworn to protect the Constitution and defend the Republic. They will be appointed by the legislatures and each state’s properly elected body will only choose men of the highest character, not swayed by self-interest or subject to partisan influence.”

A bearded man with a MAGA hat looked over and laughed. “I sure as hell hope not.” He raised his glass to them. “We need our President defended from those lousy Democrats. They’ve sworn to spit him out ever since he was elected. It’s the Democrats who want to overthrow our duly-elected President. It’s a coup!”

His buddy with a Seahawks T-shirt added, “You guys never heard of the 17th amendment?”

Jim and Alex shook their heads but smiled. “It gives me great comfort to know the Constitution might be so changed, tell me about it.”

“We dumped that legislative election of Senators way back. States couldn’t agree and seats sat vacant. Not to mention the rich guys buying their senate seats.” The two shared a laugh at the patriots.

The ale wench brought the two pints for Madison. “You figured it out yet? I read all those Papers in Law School.” she said with a twinkle, playing along.

Both the patriots laughed at her joke. “Ma’am, the law is no place for a woman. She is best suited for the house.”

“Or the Senate!” she laughed back at them. “You guys are a real hoot. You’ve sure got the costumes and the characters down.” Then she frowned. “Hey, why don’t you get a little relevant here? What would you guys say about universal healthcare or gun rights?”

MAGA hat and Seahawk jeered from the opposite table. “There you go with your Democrat commie talk!”

She smiled at the hecklers and asked, “Can I get you guys a refill?” Then she turned to the patriots and murmured under her breath, “Watch out for these Republicans. Alex, I mean it. Especially that Aaron Burr.” And she tilted her head back with a hearty laugh.

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