We have scheduled breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I get emails, letters, packages and phone calls. I try to return the contacts whenever possible. 

I got a real angry message on my phone this morning about “nullification”. He was upset because he thought he’d heard me on the radio and thought I had called the bill submitted to the House as “grandstanding”. I was confused because I had done a radio interview on KRPL but I didn’t remember using that term. When I read the Boise Statesman I realized he had me confused with House Minority Leader John Rusche. It’s OK. We’re both doctors. He’s a pediatrician, I’m a Family doc. We are both Democrats. 

But I am trying hard to respect the differences we all have. I think nullifying federal laws the state considers unconstitutional is denying our part in this Union we all share. I cannot support it. But I can understand the passion. It may be like that of our revolutionary patriots. We have our Republic to thank for their sacrifice. The cynical might point to self-interest, not the ideal of liberty. They might point out that in 1776 America had the highest standard of living of any country in the world. Did we rebel to protect our wealth, stolen from a decimated native population? The romance of liberty is powerful. And ideals are worthy of our effort. 

But the appeal of nullification is muted by the truth that we elect those that represent us. And we do vote for (or against) the taxes we pay. And our representatives answer to us. I answer to you.

I try to meet with constituents whenever I can.

Wednesday at lunch it was the Troy FFA.

Tall handsome FFA officers escort me to my table

Last night it was the University of Idaho Alumni Association.

Yesterday at lunch I sat with our city officials. 

Which brings me back to the angry phone message. His message had a lot of emotion. He was upset. I called the number back. I got his machine. I offered to meet. I love talking about health care policy. I’ll try to get in touch. That’s the best I can do.

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A Family physician, former county coroner and former Idaho State Senator
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