Great Uncle Aaron



Notes on the back of the photo

My wife found this picture of my great uncle Aaron King Taber in a trunk. The words on the back talk about a defection from a family of Republicans to the Democratic side. There is reference to “the Silver speech”, which I assume has to do with Free Silver and populist issues.

The short note resonated with me. My father and mother always voted Republican. I can remember dad thinking Goldwater was great and that Nixon got railroaded. After Dad died, mom sent lots of checks to the Republican National Committee. Here, 10 years after her death we still get “Ask” letters.

It can be hard to accept a label, but I guess I am a Democrat. I ran as an Independent when I ran for county coroner, for a few reasons. I didn’t think the job should be partisan, let alone elected. But it also got me out of filing a report for the primary. But when I told this to a guy here in the Capitol the other day that I consider myself independent, he asked me, “How many Republican presidential candidates have you voted for?” I couldn’t think of one.

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A Family physician, former county coroner and former Idaho State Senator
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